Were you at the Bone Thugs show last week ? If not you missed out on one hell of a show. Not only did the boys pack the house to capacity but they also delivered one of the best performances we’ve seen in quite a while. Ladies on stage included, they reminded us what real hip hop show should be like. Thanks to the great people of Fresh Flash Photos here are just some of the pictures from the show. You can check out even more pics on their Facebook page

Can you spot me? Lol best show ever !

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Sickest beat of the whole album

I remember being a little thug, Weed, really didn’t know what it was


Then I took a puff and I realized
I should always stay high

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Bone thugz n harmony & 2pac - thug luv

It is thursday…and i STILL cant get over the fact i saw BONE THUGZ perform live on sunday.

-Sighs- even though my night ended horrible…Im so not over it yet.